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List of Fetishes

Following is an article on different types of fetishes.  This is by no means a complete list.

While the attraction to these inanimate objects may now be seen as normal harmless quirks of human nature, a sign of aesthetic sophistication and individual freedom, or as a means to making a positive economic contribution, it may be said that; popular types remain, from the social and impersonal changes (or "objectifications") of the early industrial/mechanical age.[ Sexual fetishes exist in the following classes;

Clothing, sex, and fetishism

Because clothing and adornment have such frequent links with sexual display, humans may develop clothing fetishes. They may prefer to have sexual relations with other humans wearing clothing and accessories that are considered important to their fetish. In Western cultures, such fetishes may include extremely high heels, lace, leather, or military clothing. Other cultures have different fetishes. The men of Heian Japan lusted after women with floor-sweeping hair and layers of silk robes.  Fetishes vary as much as fashion. Sometimes the clothing itself becomes the object of fetish, such as the case with used girl panties in Japan.

Shoes and feet

Foot fetishism
Boot fetishism
Shoe fetishism

Hosiery and bodywear

Spandex leggings and leotards are subject to fetishistic attention, as are tight, shiny garments made of leather, rubber, PVC, or "zentai" (a spandex suit covering the entire body). The common beliefs about the origins of this fetishization are that the material forms a "second skin" which produces a pleasurable sensation, or acts as a substitution for a previous encounter with an object or person in childhood. Tightness and proximity to the skin is also (unsurprisingly) associated with corsets or bondage.
Corset fetishism
Jeans fetishism
Pantyhose fetishism
Parka fetish
Second skin
Sock fetishism
Spandex fetishism
Stocking fetishism
Zentai skin tight suits
-        Lingerie and evening wear

Satin and lace items such as slips, nightdresses, and undergarments are often fetishized, as well as other silk items such as evening gowns, skirts, and scarves. Sometimes, as with hosiery fetishism, there is a transvestite component. Many men find the tactile sensations caused by the wearing of silk or satin lingerie arousing; some wear panties under their male clothes, whereas others may wear a full set of lingerie. Due to the taboo nature of this fetish, the possibility of getting caught often heightens the fetishists' enjoyment.
In other cases, "fuzzy" materials such as fur or Angora sweaters are fetishized.
Fur fetishism / Doraphilia
Panty fetishism
Silk/Satin fetishism
Transvestic fetishism

Leather and latex
Rubber fetishism
Latex and PVC fetishism
Leather fetishism


Sometimes the attraction -rather than being for clothing in close contact with the body- is toward jewelry or similar accessories, such as braces, eyeglasses, gloves, cigarettes, etc.
Body piercing
Diaper Fetishism
Eyeglasses fetishism
Sock fetishism
Glove fetishism
Lipstick Fetishism
Mask fetishism
Smoking fetishism

Medicine and disability

There are also fetishes related to the situations and objects of medical procedures and care.
Abasiophilia (disability)
Amputee fetishism
Anesthesia fetishism
Medical fetishism

Fluid and excretory
Another cluster of fetishes is centered around dirt and fluids, bodily or otherwise.
Fecal fetishism
Emetophilia (vomiting)
Erotic lactation
Menstrual process and feminine hygiene products
Omorashi (full bladder)
Saliromania (messy/disheveled)
Sneezing fetishism
Spitting fetishism
Urolagnia (urine fetishism)
Wet and messy fetishism
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